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Key words

Service concept

Wuxi Longli Mechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd 

The company can provide professional, timely and highly -efficient services to clients according to their needs, assist users to choose product types before sales and provide technical consultancy free of charge.

1. It freely provides equipment layout, foundation and technical flow drawing for free according to field exploration according to users’ needs.
2. Production is done according to product types chosen by clients and each round is tracked by professional staffs. 
3. After the product installation and debugging are finished, clients fill in feedback  sheet on installation services and evaluate installation services doneby the Company. 
4. After the equipment is transported to the spot, it would help clients with mixing plant assembly and equipment debugging.
5. It would give guidance on equipment operation and upkeep technologies free  of charge.

1. By visiting clients at irregular intervals, it would timely learn usage condition of equipment and freely provide materials on upkeep and maintenance.
2. It would store users’ materials on the long-term basis, timely provide quick-wear part, freely offer technical consultancy on transformation and upgradingof old machines and provide transformation services with a certain fee. 
3. For emergency arising during the use process of the mixing plant, clients can call or e-mail us to acquire our timely guidance and resolving of issues.If they cannot be helped via phone or e-mail, we would assign project service staffs to arrive at the spot within 5 working days on getting the visa. This service 
is free of charge during the quality guarantee period (with board and lodging of installation staffs paid by users). Users are responsible for traffic charges, visa fees, salary and costs for boarding and lodging after the guarantee period is due.

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